Conditions of Use


We provide the platform’s usage policies that include the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the services and products prohibited for the platform, and the use of and dealing with them between you and the operator responsible for all management and operating activities in the region of the “Student Store” platform, which will be called later wherever mentioned as (the platform) or (platform), which seeks to achieve the following objectives:

• Gathering the student's commercial service providers through a single electronic platform

• Save time and effort to achieve commercial services for the student

• Bring together service providers with the largest segment of students

• Facilitating the student's access to the services of individuals

• Supporting the student to work on designing and selling his/her products and services

• Facilitating the process of searching for seasonal work for the student

• Providing products at the lowest prices

• Supporting raising the cultural level of the student by providing scientific references, novels and reading competitions

Care should be taken to review the usage policies from time to time to see any new updates from our platform, because continuing to use your account after modifying any policies is considered acceptance. If you do not agree, you can cancel the account.

Please note that it is not allowed to use the platform without agreeing to the usage policies. When you want to create an account, you cannot complete the creation of the account without agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale and the use of the various terms of the platform.

From the moment the account is created on our platform, the agreement between the two parties to the agreement begins to take effect, the first of them being the platform and the second party being you, with what results in obligations and duties for each of the parties.

Sale Policy

As long as you use the platform, you acknowledge and agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this statement, and the platform has the right to update the terms and conditions always according to operational developments, and you can always review the terms and conditions by viewing them on the platform.

You can display your products and services on the platform as long as you comply with the terms and conditions of the platform and the applicable privacy policy, which aims to control the buying and selling process and provide services between the buyer, seller and all parties. The account is direct and we hope to abide by the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and use to benefit from the enormous marketing capabilities of the platform, especially as it aims entirely at serving the customer and complying with the law. Therefore, the following conditions must be adhered to:

1- Respecting property rights

In the interest of users, we affirm the commitment to the property right so that someone else does not infringe on your property rights and thus guarantee your right to ensure that the rights of others are taken into account, as the platform takes strict measures regarding any violations of property rights issued by others against you, or that you commit against others And the first action we take as soon as we learn that policies that violate the usage policy are being practiced is to disable the account and even inform the owner of the property rights in order to preserve the rights of third parties.

2- Counterfeit products

Our policy provides for the removal of the account and the suspension of its activity in the event that the display of counterfeit and unreal products by sellers is discovered, because this reduces the confidence of consumers. As well as goods and products that infringe the property rights of others. If a service is provided, the service requester has the intellectual property rights of the service he received through the platform. The service provider is not entitled to impose any additional rights on the service after starting its implementation or delivery. This policy is in order to preserve property rights.

3- Commitment to the user

Respecting the user is in the first place for us, so we are keen to take firm measures to guarantee the rights of users, so we impose a penalty policy on service providers who return in their obligations with the user, which is the case with cases where the order is canceled after approval of the purchase order "confirmation of purchase" as well as imposing penalties On the delay in supplying the services required by the purchase order.

4- Clarity of service or product information

The service or product must be clear specifications that exclude ignorance, and the trademark must be present on the product and the availability of specifications that reveal the identity and details of the service or product, and any errors in the specifications provided are misleading. The advertisement leads to the imposition of a penalty for not entitlement to the value of the service or product, and thus the seller or service provider acknowledges the cancellation of his right to the value of the product or service.

5- The safety of the service or product

The user must receive the commodity, product or service that he wanted to purchase in the same condition as stated in the advertisement as agreed upon, and this matter is our top priority, so we must be careful to deliver the product or service to the buyer in a sound condition and present it in an optimal manner.

6- Obligation not to publish prohibited content

We impose specific terms and conditions for content texts that must be adhered to when advertising any content for product or service details to ensure that the content does not violate the terms of the proper content. You are responsible for all information, details and files attached to your advertisement, so you must comply with the content terms according to the laws and policies of the region.

7- Full responsibility for copyright infringement

In the event of a problem or dispute between you and the user or any third party claiming that your advertisement infringed its ownership rights, you will be solely responsible to it, bearing all the provisions and penalties that may result from such improper practices, including bearing legal responsibility and bearing the expenses incurred in resolving these Disputes starting from the stage of evaluation, review, investigation … etc.

8- Compliance with the penal conditions

In the event of any breach of the terms and policy of use towards the user or towards any third party that infringes his property rights, it will cost you to submit to a penalty clause with a financial fine with the suspension of your financial payments to compensate the affected person.

The obligations and commitments of the seller and service provider

1- The seller is obligated to put all the required details when offering his service, product or commodity, and the platform’s customer service can be used to help identify the mechanisms for entering details accurately and clearly.

2- The seller must confirm the purchase order when the service or product is available to him and is able to ship it and submit the shipping invoice to the platform, committed to the date of shipment within three days of the purchase order and no more, in the event that the product was a service, the service provider must terminate it within the period agreed upon with service requester.

3- The seller is obligated to inform the platform of the place of shipment of the goods to and from the buyer.

4- The seller is obligated to wrap the goods and products before shipping them to the buyer in a way that guarantees the safety of the product and bears all the consequences thereof.

5- The seller bears the after-sales services from the possibility of returning the product or replacing it according to the conditions.

6- Submission of all documents and supporting papers required for the commercial activity and any papers required at any time to practice the activity.

7- Commitment to product safety, including observance of the expiry date and expiry date, including the obligation not to disclose the product before the time specified by the manufacturer according to the license to practice in order to avoid obtaining black points.

8- It is not allowed for the seller to promote products and goods within the product or service specification package, and only the required details must be adhered to without adding to avoid getting black points.

9- The seller is obligated to review the products page and follow up on the stock of available products to avoid getting black points

Request a service through the platform

• Write your service in detail, explaining all the points that the service provider is required to do clearly in order to get the best offers suitable for what is required, as well as specify a period of time and an appropriate budget for the service.

• Any important information that you give to the service provider is at your own risk: passwords, phone number, your personal accounts.

• You will not be able to modify any data related to the service after the requested service receives the first offer from the service providers

• When there is a problem with the service provider, try to solve it amicably as long as you have not received the service, as he has not received his money yet.

• If the service provider finishes his work, he will request the delivery of the service and you will receive an alert. If you have any unfinished details or modifications in the requested service, you can ask the service provider to complete them before receiving the service.

• If you received the service, it means that you got exactly what you wanted, and the communication between you and the service provider ended, and he got his profits from the work, and you cannot cancel the service or request any modification here.

• In the event that the service provider does not respond to you to terminate the service within the specified period, you can cancel the work with him and evaluate it.

• Do not ask the service provider for any points that are not explained in the service description, and remember to discuss all the details with him before you accept his offer and start work.

• Do not use external transfer and do not request any means of communication such as e-mail, social accounts or mobile... The platform will not protect you in the event of any communication outside the platform and this may expose the account to closure.

Service providers via the platform.

• Your offer must be clear in detail and related to the service you are offering, so study the matter well and provide a budget and time that is completely suitable for you.

• You will not be able to modify your offer after adding it unless the service owner contacts you, then you can modify your offer.

• Inquire from the owner of the service carefully about the required service and its details before starting it and explain to him what you will do, and do not ask for information that you do not need such as phone number and passwords.

• After the service owner accepts, he will transfer its value through the payment methods approved by the platform, and you will receive the amount when the entire service is delivered.

• You can communicate via platform messages with the service owner at any time after he accepts your offer.

• If your work is good and complete, the service owner will receive the service and you will receive the agreed amount.

• Placing or requesting external means of communication in the offers is prohibited and means the loss of the platform's guarantee and protection directly, and your account may be subject to closure at any time.

• Making offers on services that you do not know how to work on and wasting the time of service owners through delay in implementation or non-implementation will lead to a negative evaluation of your account by them and may lead to the closure of your account on the platform.

Seller Acknowledgment

In addition to the seller's aforementioned commitments, the seller is obligated to the following:

1- Commitment to the provided warranty, services and after-sales maintenance of goods for the purchased products.

2- Continue to be responsible for after-sales services, warranties, maintenance and any defects that may occur in or in connection with your products.

3- Comply with the laws of the platform and the laws in force in the country in which you want to sell, with regard to any of your services or products that are ordered through the platform.

4- Commitment to implement orders through one of the shipping companies or mechanisms approved by the platform.

5- Subject to the applicable product return policy within seven days of product delivery.

6- The seller bears the legal responsibility for the products and services provided and exempts the platform from any liability.

7- The seller is obligated to sell the original products and bears all the consequences of selling a counterfeit product, such as returning the product, stopping the receipt of money, and bearing the penalty clause.

8- The seller or service provider determines the country in which he registers and promotes his products within it.

9- The seller and the service provider shall be bound by the specified selling fees.

10. The Service Provider or Seller represents and warrants that it and its financial institution(s) are not sanctioned or otherwise classified under any Prohibited List or Prohibited Parties or owned or operated by any Prohibited Party, including but not limited to UN Security Council approved lists the US government (eg the US Treasury Department's List of Special Designated Nationals, the US Department of Commerce's List of Aliens Evading Sanctions and the US Department of Commerce's Entity List), the European Union or its member states or other relevant governmental authorities.

11- Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, nothing in this Platform Policy shall be construed as urging or requiring either party to act in any way (including the failure to take any action in connection with any Transaction) not comply with or be sanctioned by any laws, regulations or requirements of any party.

Stages of the sales process

1- The seller fills in the data required to display the goods on the platform.

2- Buyers send sales orders to the seller via our platform.

3- The seller follows up the purchase orders.

4- The seller confirms the purchase order and prepares the goods.

5- The seller sends the goods and products to the shipping company or delivers them through the approved shipping mechanism.

6- The buyer receives and confirms the product

7- Transfer the balance in the seller’s account after deducting the platform commission from the amount received from the customer.

Warranties provided by the service provider or seller of the platform platform

1- The service provider or the seller undertakes that he may use the platform in a manner that does not conflict with the law without violating any property rights or violating the law with his obligation to observe the terms of the content and avoid the prohibited content.

2- Commitment to this Agreement without entering into any agreements or negotiations in opposition to it.

3- The seller undertakes to deal with the original goods and to prohibit counterfeit goods or those prohibited to be introduced, displayed or sold according to the laws of the region, with a commitment to all the penalties resulting from the violation and delinquency of any item, including the return and replacement of the product and the compensation of the buyer with compliance with the penal terms and conditions.

4- It is not permissible for the service provider or the seller to make planned communications of any kind on the basis that the intended recipient is one of the users of the platform. In addition, you may only use the tools and means we specify to communicate with users of the Platform regarding the transactions you carry out through it, including for the purposes of scheduling appointments, calling or canceling the implementation of products or providing details of the services to be performed.

5- The service provider or the seller undertakes to inform us directly of any changes that may affect the validity of this agreement.

6- Without prejudice to other terms of service, shipping each product to your account or to the customer’s account in agreement with us, before

A- The end of the period specified for shipment, which begins on the date of the order being made by the customer or the date on which shipment is available.

B - The seller did not specify the product shipping information, or the product is one of the products that the platform needs to be delivered within 3 days.

The seller acknowledges and agrees that we shall collect any loss incurred or paid by the platform or for bonus points in the two cases:

1- Delaying delivery beyond the specified time.

2- Cancel a confirmed order for the customer.

7- The service provider or seller under this agreement is aware and agrees that the application of the policy does not entail pledging profits from the platform.

Selling Fee Collection

1- Selling fees shall be paid in the currency of the country in which the seller is promoting his products and services.

2- Sale and payment fees are determined according to the date of sale.

3- The seller is required to keep track of the change in fees and terms of sale and payment due to the possibility of changing them in the future according to the variables, including the various required payments, such as the value of subscriptions, which are deducted from the seller’s account on the specified date. If the subscription value is not available, the amount is collected using a credit card or any other means. Guarantee the right of the platform.

4- The seller shall bear all fees due on goods and merchandise such as customs fees, sales tax, collection costs, banking fees and all costs payable on goods and shipping, and this agreement is considered an agreement to these policies and conditions.

5- The seller is required to receive the amounts due in exchange for the goods sold to the buyer after the end of the return period and the collection of the amount from the shipping company.

6- The platform has the right to change the commission rate for all the services it provides according to market changes, taxes and laws in the applicable country after notifying the seller via an email of the changes and updating the table for selling commission in the platform.

7- The seller undertakes to pay half the cost of the reward points provided to the user who purchased his products or services (or the percentage is according to a prior agreement between the platform and the seller)

8- The seller must follow up on updates of the terms and conditions of sale on an ongoing basis to know about updates and changes to the terms, and you will also be notified of any new update via the email registered with us.

Product Return

1- The seller agrees, in accordance with the terms of these terms and conditions, to be obligated to return the goods and goods in accordance with the return policy provided by the platform to customers and buyers within seven (7) days from the delivery of the goods and goods in a way that guarantees the right of the consumer while guaranteeing the right of the seller to enforce this right in the event of returning the goods in their original condition . (Return Policy and Terms)

2- In the case of returning the goods, the platform undertakes the process of returning the goods to the seller through a shipping company when returning the goods that do not carry any complaints or violations, with the refund of the financial dues to the buyer, while the seller bears the shipping cost in the event of returning the goods as a result of defects or damage.

3- The seller bears the platform commission percentage in the event of returning the goods. And shipping fees in the event of a difference in the sent goods or a defect and defect.

4- The seller verifies the safety of the goods within 24 hours of retrieval and after this period the amount paid to the customer is refunded.

5- The seller is obligated to deal with the problems and complaints that the customer suffers within 72 hours of purchasing the goods or providing the service.

Note: If the terms and conditions are accepted, the seller bears full responsibility before the legal, judicial and governmental authorities for any product that violates the terms and conditions.

 Use and share information

All information provided by users is treated strictly confidential and is not sold or shared with any third party who is not authorized to access it. Information use cases:

• Developing the services provided by the platform and our company's various services.

• In the event of contracting with a third party to develop our services after committing not to share any information that contradicts this privacy statement.

• If we are legally required by a court order to disclose any information.

The complete application

1- The relationship of the parties: This policy is an agreement that allows the seller to sell according to terms with the independence of both the personality of the platform and the seller, and it does not entail any partnership or solidarity between the two parties or any other relationship.

2- One of these terms and conditions may not be applied without complying with the other conditions and the same applies to the order to cancel the agreement in its entirety.

3- Separation of a clause in the event of a conflict with the law: With these conditions being considered as one part that is indivisible in the event of both validity and cancellation, the order is not excluded from the order except that one of the clauses conflict with the law or its inability to apply it so that the rest of the terms of the terms remain complete.

4- Under these terms, the two parties may enter into other agreements without concluding that they are contrary to these terms.

5- Non-assignment to other parties or assignment: The platform does not allow the transfer of work to a party other than the original seller, in part or in whole, without assignment to another party, except by reviewing the platform and studying the possibility of implementing this.

6- The validity of the conditions by the platform in full and the validity of the terms that the platform cannot obtain as a result of an obstacle to its collection without waiving the rights of the platform, which entails the application of these terms when the platform is able to apply later.

7- Cases of service interruptions, omissions and errors The management of the platform makes every effort to ensure and maintain the continuity of the work of the electronic platform without problems, despite that, errors, omissions, interruptions and delays in service may occur at any time, and in such cases we will expect users to be patient until the service returns to its rate natural.

8- The platform management reserves the right to monitor any content entered by the subscriber, without being obligated to do so, as it cannot monitor all subscribers’ entries, so it reserves the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any entered materials that would violate the terms and the provisions of the platform without reference to the user. All contents of this platform are protected by local, global and foreign copyright laws and international treaties, and by subscribing to it, the subscriber implicitly and explicitly agrees to be bound by the copyright notices that appear on its pages.

General Terms

1- The role of the platform is to provide the platform and applications over the Internet so that the seller and buyer can benefit from the services of the platform without bearing any responsibility as a result of the seller or buyer’s inability to connect the Internet or any of the damages resulting from the non-connection of other parties to the Internet.

2- The platform also provides sellers with the necessary tools to be able to manage sales operations in a way that enables them to display goods on the platform, follow up on the sales and delivery process, collect payments and benefit from customer service provided that the seller’s goods and products comply with the terms and conditions of the policy, not violating any property rights and not dealing in prohibited goods.

3- Compliance with the instructions and their effective immediately upon publication: The seller must adhere to the current instructions and procedures described in the FAQ section and the instructions and procedures that are changed in the future and which entail allowing the display of goods according to them, with the implementation of any procedures and instructions once published on the platform, so you must see the Frequently asked questions section.

4- Safe access to the platform: Real data must be used when logging in and creating an account for all the required data such as name, phone and email, while dealing with all the correct documents required, while the responsibility for not disclosing the login password to the platform’s platform is the user’s responsibility, which results in the user’s keenness to change it In the event of any threat to the safety and security of the password and account, and as a result, the seller will be responsible for everything that is done on the account even after changing the password.

5- Limitations of the seller’s transactions: The seller is responsible for determining the price of the goods or service he provides, while accepting the commission percentage specified by the platform platform in exchange for selling the product, commodity or service offered through the platform in accordance with the terms and policy of use, with the seller’s obligation to sell the goods with the same specifications and prices contained in the presentation of the commodity without misleading or deception.

6- Power of attorney for the platform operator to conduct and finalize sales transactions: including the collection of money and settlement of transactions upon completion of the sale and upon retrieval of goods, collection of money from buyers and transfer of payments to the seller after deducting the agreed commission percentage in accordance with the policies and provisions of this agreement, including the transfer of the platform operator to total revenues Resulting from the seller's transactions by the agreed means, whether by collecting the amount after transferring it to the seller's bank account or receiving cash.

7- The platform is not responsible for any sale of any goods or service that takes place outside the framework of the platform, and therefore the platform cannot protect any party from fraud and manipulation, and in the event that any such transaction is discovered, the account will be closed to both parties with the deletion of the existing reward points and no The seller or buyer has the right to object and claim compensation in any case.

8- Product safety and health: The seller undertakes to provide the original product offered and not to deal with counterfeit products. If this matter is ignored, immediate dealing with the seller is prohibited and all privileges of transactions without compensating the seller and getting rid of the counterfeit goods with the use of dealing payments to compensate the aggrieved with the application of the provisions and penalties stipulated in accordance with The terms and conditions of the agreement, including the legal procedures and criminal penalties that result from practices by those affected.

9- Authorizing the platform to dispose of the goods after 30 thirty days of receiving the goods by the shipping company: After notifying the seller via e-mail that the goods have been returned and not received by the seller or buyer for any reason whatsoever and handed over to a shipping company, the platform has the right to dispose of the goods in the manner that the platform sees as such The disposal, liquidation or damage of the goods without any responsibility from the platform. If the order to receive the goods is not managed again before the passage of the mentioned period, this is a permit to dispose of the goods with the possibility of deducting the cost of disposing of the goods from the seller’s account.

10- Compliance with taxes: The seller is obligated to pay taxes according to the governmental regulations in force in the region to the authorized authorities without the platform’s responsibility for the validity and compliance with the taxes (including any interest or fines imposed by any competent authority due to the delay or non-payment of those taxes, and that according to the applicable laws in each case).

11- Platform rights: The platform reserves all rights to allow the possibility of changing the content, form, aspects and functions and the ability to cancel, stop or activate any transactions, including stopping and refusing to terminate any transactions until any practices that may harm the platform’s policy are investigated, resulting in taking the appropriate action To guarantee the rights of the platform and the rights of the victim, with the seller bearing all the consequences of the decision taken to be fully responsible before the customer and his obligations towards him.

12- Retention of intellectual property and intellectual property rights: The platform retains all rights, while it is required that the seller submit the logos and trademarks that he deals with and display in the goods to ensure the right of customers and ensure that intellectual property rights and property rights are not breached without using the commercial property and its logos without obtaining written consent from the platform The platform with the right to stop benefiting from the platform’s trademark rights at any time, while the platform has the right to take all measures that ensure the development of content, texts and media without complying with the approval obtained by the seller in advance.

13- Termination of the agreement and benefiting from the services: At any time, the platform platform has the right to stop the agreement and all privileges resulting from it to the seller without prior notice as to ensure the interests of the platform, including preventing the use of the platform and preventing its use in any way, while taking what guarantees the collection of all dues arising from Ending the transaction, such as withholding payments to collect the receivable, verifying that there are no owed amounts, and ending all financial transactions before lifting the reservation.

14- Legal Liability: This Agreement shall be governed by the law of the State of the operator to which disputes relating to the terms of this Agreement are referred, and Seller shall have no right to object.

15- Ensuring the integrity of dealing: We at the platform have the right at any time to report practices against the law and take the necessary measures to protect the rights of the platform, while using various methods to achieve this, including the right to use disclosed and undisclosed data and information such as making use of data and IP address Content and account tracking to ensure the integrity of the platform and the safety of the country.

16- While all parties must abide by the confidentiality of information, various information may not be used in contravention of these clauses.

17- The right to monitor and track activity: The platform has the right to investigate any practices and ensure that any violation of policies is practiced, resulting in taking the necessary measures such as issuing a warning, depriving features, suspending or terminating the service, including the right of the platform to remove or modify any content that violates the integrity the use.

18- Dispute Resolution Policy: Other than what is stipulated in the terms and conditions of this policy, the platform is not considered a party to any dispute while it takes the necessary measures to compensate the user's account.

19- Compensation Mechanism: The seller undertakes to pay the necessary compensation in the event of breaching any terms and to compensate the aggrieved party with bearing all costs resulting from the damage and the practices not responsible by the seller under this agreement, even after the retroactive termination of the contract to comply with all damages.

20- The seller releases the platform, its officers, directors, and employees from legal issues, claims, expenses or other obligations, including, without limitation, attorney fees, and agrees to compensate and protect it in the cases:

a) Actual or suspected violation of any of the terms and obligations on this platform

b) Any means used by the seller or its affiliates that violate the platform

c) any actual or alleged breach of any intellectual property right by any of the foregoing, and any personal injury, death or damage to property in connection therewith.

21- In the event that the seller is under the age of majority according to the law of the region, his guardian bears all the consequences of his actions on all his operations on the platform, for example, but not limited to, his provision of services, selling goods or products, or making purchase orders and payment of the amounts due, and the platform does not bear any consequences for any complaint Or a case demanding the cancellation of operations on the platform.

22- The platform will be aware of all messages that take place within its systems between the parties to ensure quality without the platform entailing any legal responsibility or obligation towards any internal or external party.

Prohibited services and products –

Services that violate the terms of the platform are deleted, knowing that the platform has the right to delete the service that it deems in violation of the terms without giving a reason for that. The platform does not bear any responsibility or legal consequences for any bypassing the sale or purchase of the aforementioned items, and the user bears all the legal consequences of his operations, noting that this list is constantly updated according to the regulations of the region and the user must always be informed of it and bear all responsibilities regarding its breach

ý    Services that harm the Platform or its users directly or indirectly

ý    Very low quality services

ý    Political, sectarian services

ý    Selling sites, accounts or pages in sites that prevent this, such as: social networks

ý    Services that violate the laws of the region, the terms of other sites related to them, or religious teachings

ý    Fatwas and legal promotion services affiliated with it

ý    Cracks for software, books and any pirated product or service that infringes intellectual property rights, and any sale that occurs is not responsible for the platform, and it can cancel it

ý    Services of subscriptions, charging of balances, or creating accounts in games

ý    Money transfer services such as transferring an amount to a bank account or transfer via Western Union and similar money transfer services, mobile balance recharge services, and recharge cards

ý    Brokerage services in online purchase

ý    Coupon and voucher services

Services completely copied from other people

ý    Forex services, pyramid and network marketing

ý    Interpretation of dreams, marriage, horoscopes, hacking and hacking education services

ý    Juggling services or decoding magic and everything related to it

ý    Spam messages: such as sending thousands or millions of mail messages, or programs that send spam and send bulk email

ý    Services that are implemented automatically through programs or websites

ý    Advertising services on sites, pages and accounts that do not meet the platform's acceptance criteria

ý    E-marketing services in illegal ways such as relying on spam sites or exchange sites and servers, or services to bring visitors, ratings, fans, views or fake followers in violation of the terms of use. Such as: i will added to you  100 fans , 100 comments... and legitimate e-marketing services that determine the method of marketing are accepted, such as advertising campaigns, publishing in accounts.., in the event that a seller does not prove how to implement this type of service, the request is canceled and in the case of complaints about the service, it is deleted No matter how much you get an evaluation, and if complaints are repeated against the seller, this may lead to the suspension of his account

ý    Mysterious services such as: I teach you how to get this , how to get money, services for selling fan sites or services for teaching ways to get fans, followers or visitors

ý    Paraphrasing Articles Services

ý    Services that unnecessarily request personal information such as full name and phone number

ý    Services of writing articles in a large number where these articles are copied, such as adding 100 topics to your platform, adding 200 topics to your forum

ý    The services of forced slots or affection slots, pop-ups and annoying ads

ý    Services to bring votes or increase voting in voting sites, prizes and others

ý    Fake app uploads or downloads services

ý    Medical services because they cause harm if the service provider is not a doctor and his identity cannot be ascertained, and because a personal examination is the best solution

ý    Services and requests for preparing student research and graduation projects in lieu of the student and any services that may help the student or student obtain grades or undeserved results

ý    Services that lead to transaction and payment outside the Platform of the Platform

ý    Services for providing virtual or real Visa cards, as well as PayPal activation services and what is related to it

ý    Services that require sensitive personal information for their implementation, such as the complete information of credit cards or the buyer's bank account

ý    Bitcoin shipping related financial services

ý    Promotional services for a person or company

ý    Hosting Reservation Services, VPS

ý    Proxy-VPN services

ý    Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages and liquor licenses may not be sold

ý    Prohibited electronic devices: electronic devices designed to influence or tamper with traffic signals, devices designed to jam or deliberately block authorized and trusted radio signals, devices to penetrate satellite signals such as (Dream box), radar detectors, spying and eavesdropping tools such as eavesdropping and spy cameras

ý    Food and beverages: alcoholic beverages, prohibited animal products, and expired products

ý    Gambling and lotteries: lottery cards, slot machines that print currency, slot machines that can be converted into coins, credit cards and cash

ý    Hazardous chemicals and products: They include materials that contain explosives, books that explain how explosive devices are made, products containing red phosphorous, bisphenol A, carbon tetrachloride, products that contain incendiary materials, reused oil and oil materials, products and batteries that contain on mercury, products contaminated with radiation

ý    Media: copied, unreliable or imitated media that infringe intellectual property rights and trademarks.

ý    Medical devices and accessories (except with prior written agreement)

ý    Antiquities: Stolen antiquities or antiquities over 200 years old are also prohibited for sale

ý    Pornography: It is prohibited to sell pornographic materials, whether in the form of films, pictures, magazines, or sexual objects

ý    Products of an offensive or hostile nature: Products that promote or glorify hatred, violence and racial insults, religious, sectarian, sectarian, ethnic or sexual intolerance. It is also prohibited to promote any party that supports such materials

ý    Postage stamps or postage stamp papers: It includes the sale or rental of postage papers, counterfeit stamps, or equipment equipped to make counterfeit postage stamps

ý    Sexual tonics: These include products or images that unjustifiably depict nudity, sexual health products, sexual aid devices, and adult regeneration products

ý    Software: Unreliable copied and imitation materials that infringe the freedom of intellectual property and trademark. Software specialized in unlocking closed cell phones, and iPhone smuggling software

ý    Surveillance Equipment: It includes devices primarily intended for covert interference, verbal or electronic communications, devices used for hacking, devices or communication tools designed to facilitate the covert witnessing or recording of individuals for suspicious purposes

ý    Tobacco and related substances: It include tobacco or any products containing tobacco, electronic cigarettes or its related items, nicotine, whether in the form of a glass box or a sprayer

ý    Weapons: include guns, ammunition, (such as shotguns), gun parts and accessories, knives and daggers, explosives (such as torches, fireworks and bombs), tasers

ý    Products that are specially manufactured for distribution outside the country rather than within it. Products that infringe on individual privacy, such as selling marketing lists, personal information and login information

ý    Products that lead (redirect) any User from the Platform's website to other sales channels and sites

ý    Government documents, personal IDs, birth certificates, passports and licenses. Website domain names

ý    Products processed to produce unlicensed and illegal goods or other illegal activity

ý    Any information or data registered on the platform

-        Accounts suspended

Accounts are suspended immediately in the following cases:

The user's use of a payment method that is stolen or not owned by him

Use of the account by more than one person without prior agreement with Student Store platform, where only one person is allowed to use the account on the platform and sell on it

The user plays the role of a mediator in providing services and business, so that he receives a job as a service provider and then hires another person to work on it outside or inside Student Store platform (in this case the broker is banned and obligated to pay any amounts due and do any work at the discretion of technical support

The user causes any harm to any other user or Student Store Platform

The seller evaded paying the platform's commission through external payment, and the ban is immediately final

Insisting on communicating outside the platform without necessity

The service provider does not continue to work after starting it without a fundamental reason and causes the user to waste time

The service provider publishes a work that is not his work

User impersonation of a fake person on the platform

Uploading a personal picture of the account that is not the picture of the owner of the account itself, including the use of pictures of public figures

Selling the account, and when the sale of any account is discovered, it is immediately suspended with its balance and no party can benefit from it

Create more than one account and use them for any reason

Posting fake or spam acts

-        privacy policy

We, in the platform, value the privacy of your information that you deal with during the various sales and shopping operations that our website provides to you. It is honest and trust that all transactions proceed in complete privacy and confidentiality. We are working to protect your information that comes at the top of our top priority, so we are keen to clarify the privacy policy These are the ones that you agree to under your use of the Platform in order to be able to take advantage of our various services

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it. These privacy practices apply to our own website, pages, applications and marketing mobile applications that we rely on, and we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy carefully

On the platform, we collect information to provide a more efficient service for all our users, while we inform you that we collect information in the following ways:

1-     Information you give us, for example, when you interact with our site by making a sale or purchase or subscribing to an email list, we ask for information to make purchases such as your first and last name, organization or company name, email address, postal address, phone number, card number credit. We also collect password information, and similar security information that is used for authentication and access to your account

2-     Information We Get From your use of our services, we collect data about how your device interacts with the Platform and the services we offer. For example, we collect product usage data such as collecting data about the features you use, the items you purchase, the web pages you visit, device data as well as data about your device and the network you use to connect to our products including data about the operating systems and other software installed on your device. It may include the IP address...etc

3-     Error reports and performance data We collect data about product performance and problems you encounter. This data helps diagnose problems with the services you use, improve our services and provide solutions. An error report can include data such as the type or severity of the problem, software or hardware details related to the error, the contents of the files you were using when an error occurred, and software-related data. other on your device

4-     Data Support We collect data about you, hardware, software, and other data support details. This data includes contact or authentication data, the content of your chats and other communications, etc

5-     A third party, it is possible to share data with authorized parties to help manage and save your data that we collect from the site, and this does not harm, but only for the mutual benefit. At Student Store, we make sure that the data is protected, and no one can hack it

Purpose of collecting information:

We use the data we collect on the Platform for two primary purposes:

Providing our services and conducting our business, including improving and personalizing our services, we use data to carry out your transaction and provide our services to you. We also use the data to diagnose service issues, solve and repair problems, and provide customer care and other support services at the best possible quality. We also use the data collected to continually improve our services, including adding new features or capabilities, such as using error reports to improve security features and to identify new features to identify. The data is also used to develop the Service, make informed decisions, and report to improve our business performance

Communication with you, including promotional messages, We work to achieve effective communication with our valued customers, so we use the data we collect to provide and personalize our communications with you. For example, we may contact you by email or other means to notify you when your subscription ends, remind you of remaining items in your online shopping cart, inquire about a service or deal with a complaint, invite you to participate in a survey, or tell you that you need to take an action. Action to keep your account active. Additionally, you can subscribe to email subscriptions and choose whether you wish to receive promotional communications from the Platform by email, SMS, phone message…etc

Reasons for using your personal data:

We may share your personal data with your consent and use it as necessary to enable us to provide our marketing services such as using the data required for your payment account with banks and other entities we deal with for payment in other financial services

The Platform may also use your personal information to introduce you to our other products or services and to contact you when needed to conduct research about your opinion of current or potential new services that may be offered


We are the platforms most confident in protecting your personal information, unless such information is required by law or in good faith belief that such action is necessary in accordance with legal process while taking care to defend consumer rights and to act under urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of the Platform or the audience.


We respect your privacy and give you an opportunity to opt out of receiving advertising for certain information. Users can opt out of receiving any or all communications if they do not wish to do so.

We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy frequently to protect private your information

Return and exchange

You can return the product if it is not in the list of non-returnable products, and if you receive it in the following cases:

Incorrect product (if product has not been used and in its original packaging with all tags and labels included)

Damaged/defective item (For electronics, unpacked items will be accepted if the description or pictures shown are different)

The amount will be returned to your balance on the platform or to your credit card, while we check the products

1-     The following table shows our return and exchange policy according to the category of each product:

Reasons for return and exchange

Possibility of return and exchange

Return Terms

You received the wrong product,

You received a product that is not as described on the site, or you received a damaged product

For refurbished products, you must return the product within seven (7) days of receiving it.


Product is unused, in original condition, with all tags included.

Electronics: Accept only if the product has been opened and is found to be different from the description or picture shown


Provided that they are in their condition and in the same original packaging that have not been used, provided that they are placed in their boxes without missing accessories and with the presence of their original tag on them, and that the item is not included among the goods that are not allowed to be returned

2-     Non-returnable products: All goods that can be consumed and used by one person are not eligible for return. There are goods that cannot be returned, such as:

ü     Software and video games are non-refundable

ü     Hygiene and public health tools. We do not accept returns of health and beauty products (shaving devices, hair removal devices, oral and dental health care devices, etc. They are not exchangeable or refundable, unless there is a manufacturing defect in the product within a period of (3) days from receiving the request

ü     Mobile phones, computers, game devices, software, music and books are not subject to return, exchange or refund, with the exception of a defect or defect in the product within (3) days of receiving the order

ü     Printers, fax machines, photocopiers, supplies and accessories are not subject to return, exchange or refund of the amount paid, with the exception of a defect or defect in the product within (3) days of receiving the order

ü     Swimwear, underwear, socks, lingerie, cosmetics and perfumes, with the exception of a defect or defect in the product within (3) days of receiving the order

ü     Mobile spare parts in the event that customer service is not communicated within (3) days and provide us with the type of problem and how it occurred, and not to remove the stickers or violate the conditions for returning it

ü     Express goods that are written on it are not returnable within the specifications or conditions of purchase or in the purchase value can not be returned

ü     Any products that are devoid of their serial number or have been tampered with

3-     How to contact us (for returns and exchange): You can contact us via e-mail, or call our call center on the phone number

4-     How to Refund: For products that have been delivered, we will refund the full amount of the product subject to return including the fees for returning the product to us (excluding the fees paid to ship the product to you) and this applies in the following cases:

ü     Products that are defective or not as described on the site

ü     If the reason for the return is due to an error on our part such as error in pricing or description, or delay in delivery beyond the agreed date, etc

For all other cases, we will refund the value of the returned product (excluding the fees paid to ship the product to you) and you will bear the cost of returning the product to us

For undelivered products, you are entitled to receive full payment if you cancel the purchase order (before the seller agrees and the product is shipped)

5-     Refund procedures: The refund will be the same as how you paid it, as follows:

ü     If you have paid for cash on delivery, we will return the value to your e-wallet, or

ü     If you have paid by credit/debit card, you can choose between refunding the amount to the credit/debit card, or placing it in your electronic wallet

ü     If you have paid the amount from the reward points, it will be returned to you to your account on the platform

6-     When the refund will be made: The amount will be refunded to you at the same time the seller receives and inspects the returned product, and your final payment will be as follows:

ü     If the amount will be returned to your credit/debit card: This will be done within thirty (30) days from the day the product is delivered to the seller and inspected

ü     If the amount will be returned to your electronic wallet, we will return the amount immediately after delivering the product to the seller and checking it

ü     If the reward points will be returned to your account, it will be done immediately after the product is delivered to the seller and inspected

ü     If you cancel the purchase order before the shipping date, the amount will be returned to you automatically

Reward points

1-     Pricing for points is as follows:

When buying, every 1 Dollar = 5 points

The point is spent on the basis that for every 500 points = 1 Dollar of the selling price

Therefore, the percentage of return on points is 1% of the amount paid

2-     Points can also be earned by:

ü     Share a link on Facebook and Twitter, provided that it is a certain amount to share

ü     Send an invitation to a friend through a special link, and this friend registers on the platform and makes his first sale or purchase

ü     When writing a review or quotation for one of the books and the approval of the system administrator on this review or quotation

ü     Birthdays

3-     There is a certain period of time to benefit from the earned points that expires at the end of each Gregorian year

4-     Points can be gifted from one user to another

5-     The cost of the reward points is paid by the platform management and the service supplier / seller according to an agreed percentage

6-     The student platform reserves the right to modify the reward system at any time at the discretion of the administration

In the event of poor service on the site and one of the subscribers is affected, it can be compensated with a number of points as a reward from the platform that will be deducted f