Student Store is a total solutions platform for students and providers.

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Student store

comprehensive solution in obtaining all services in all areas such as software development, writing, data entry, design, and access to Engineering, Science, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Legal Services, Clubs, Health, Work, and Study Opportunities All Over the World.

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The Student Store platform provides you access to international brands at competitive discount prices. Service areas include clothing, fitness, computers, travel, educations, trips, theater, volunteer activities, restaurants, housing, and health. Types of savings vary such as percentage off, buy-one-get-one, dollar amount discounts, free shipping, and exclusive opportunities. You will save time and money while finding unique opportunities you may otherwise have to miss. The libraries, contests, and work areas described below are also provided with your membership.

As a Service Provider:

As A Provider On Our Platform, You Will Gain Sales By Offering Services In The Student Store Database Through A Student Store Package. All Types Of Services Are Welcome, Including Technical, Scientific, Travel, Health, Sports, Transportation, And Hygiene. Students Will Be Looking For The Best Deals For All Of Their Needs. Become A Service Provider On The Student Store Today!

Get More Sales

We At Student Store Have A Large Database Of Students That Helps You Profit More By Selling Your Products Through Subscribing To Us With Competitive Packages That Allow You To Display And Sell All Types Of Your Products.


You can get additional income that will help you on your way to success through buying and selling.

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We at Student Store have contracted with the best commercial and service companies to provide you with the best competitive offers that will help you save more money through competitive discounts. You can also sell your used products and get the best offers for them.


You as a student you can be a Services Supplier

Student store is the best place for you to sell all kinds of services in all technical, scientific, practical field, health, sports, transportation, and hygiene

Get your next book with one click. Buy, sell, rent, or gift books through the Student Store Library. A perfect way to find the resources for your next research paper or books for class, including academic references, newspapers, cultural magazines, and educational materials.

Curiosity and playing is an effective way to learn new skills, usually through a new service. These have been combined in a way to encourage fun and socialization and to allow all students to obtain the benefits, regardless of subject, age, or ability. Our purpose is to encourage learning and for all students to live better lives.

The Student Store is your gateway to finding specialized and large job opportunities. We seek to gather the participants of our success with you, our dear students, and provide you with business opportunities to help you on the path to your success. Our partners provide you with good working conditions that flow into your skills and develop your capabilities.

Get Your Chance To Enter The Job Market With Us....

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When traveling or in an area with poor phone service, be sure to carry your Student Store Card, which offers security when purchasing and using our services across the country. See the agreement and terms for using the electronic Student Store Card.

You are a subscriber with us and want to enjoy our services and obtain them without any problems across the country. We offer you your own electronic identity that gives you security when purchasing and using our services.

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